Digital Marketing Future In Ten Years

Digital Marketing Future In Ten Years

From banners to big data, digital marketing has continuously adapted to meet the needs of customers and brands alike and this makes the future of digital marketing very bright. Today, with increased connectivity and established digital infrastructure, changes are happening much faster. 


The traditional digital marketing landscape of SEO, paid media, social media, content marketing, community management, and more experiences dramatic developments and changes as innovations in technology advance. 


In the current modern era, digital marketing is not complete if doesn’t involve digital strategy and expressions. Having a deep understanding of digital marketing requires thinking beyond any tool or channel. “BiyiThePlug has gone too far in all of this.


Here is the thing that Alajede Ibrahim Ajebiyi famously known as (BiyiThePlug), a digital media strategist, Music caretaker, and influencer with more than eight years experience says about The Future of digital marketing in the following ten years;


Digital marketing isn’t just about a lot of promoting channels; it is an alternate method of associating peoples with products and the world. Digital marketing permits you to modify and section your crowd in a measurable and significant manner.


BiyiThePlug stated that We will see technology play a huge role than ever before in the lifetime of human history. Here is what will happen in 10 years”



“There is no doubt – Content is ‘the king’ in the digital marketing space. Advertisers should move their concentration from product/solution-centric content strategy to customer-centric strategies. The content has to be educative rather than a sales pitch with cool graphics. Content Strategy will be a locus point of all the digital marketing efforts.” 



“Automation would be more effective in the way we interact with the target audience. The content strategy has to align with your automation strategy. Organizations will search for highly investigative personalities who can imagine such complex work processes to accomplish the ideal Goal transformations. Cold pitching, mass messages will turn into a relic of past times.”

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

“While marketers are attempting to get their grasp on automation, AI will open entryways for another level of opportunities. AI will uncover the blind spots of marketers and will bring in insights to make strategic decisions that can change the face of the marketing world. While technology is changing the digital marketing and helping the marketers draw near to understanding the shopper needs, marketers will have to continue adding to their skills to ‘Stay relevant.”