Opportunity For Indian Web Designers and Developers

Indian Government Offering Opportunity to Web Designers and Developers

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Since Indian government has banned 59 Chinese applications including some famous apps like TikTok and UC Browser. The government made another announcement for Indian web designers and developers to make ‘made in India’ apps.

The challenge under “Atmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge” battle is a test for developers to make app in different niches. For example, e-learning, social networking, entertainment, news, and games. Ministry of Information Technology and Atal Innovation Mission are handling this challenge.

In a tweet on 04 Jul 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there’s massive energy among the techies and startup community to make world-class applications in India.

app innovation challenge
source: https://innovate.mygov.in/

The test is divided into two phases, the first for submission and the second stage for evaluation. Three winning applications in every category will win a prize of $26,780, $20,085, and $13,390.

The project’s site has also listed a couple of problem statements as sub-categories. These sub-categories includes speech and camera translation applications, microblogging platforms, news applications, photo editing apps, maps, and online social gaming applications.

Sub-categories of applications for India’s new application innovation challenge for local web and mobile developers. 

In a LinkedIn post, Modi said the result of the test will give better visibility and clarity to existing applications to accomplish their objectives and to make tech items to discover answers for tech problems with the assistance of mentorship, technical support, and guidance during the whole life-cycle.

He included that web designers and developers should center taking care of issues for India and the world. In addition, they should attempt to advance Indian games.

In April, the Indian government provided a test for developers to make a safe video conferencing application for $130,000. Agreeing a report by the Economic Times, 10 organizations including Zoho and HCL are competing to get the final project.

You can learn about India’s new app development challenge here.


Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Future In Ten Years

Digital Marketing Future In Ten Years

From banners to big data, digital marketing has continuously adapted to meet the needs of customers and brands alike and this makes the future of digital marketing very bright. Today, with increased connectivity and established digital infrastructure, changes are happening much faster. 


The traditional digital marketing landscape of SEO, paid media, social media, content marketing, community management, and more experiences dramatic developments and changes as innovations in technology advance. 


In the current modern era, digital marketing is not complete if doesn’t involve digital strategy and expressions. Having a deep understanding of digital marketing requires thinking beyond any tool or channel. “BiyiThePlug has gone too far in all of this.


Here is the thing that Alajede Ibrahim Ajebiyi famously known as (BiyiThePlug), a digital media strategist, Music caretaker, and influencer with more than eight years experience says about The Future of digital marketing in the following ten years;


Digital marketing isn’t just about a lot of promoting channels; it is an alternate method of associating peoples with products and the world. Digital marketing permits you to modify and section your crowd in a measurable and significant manner.


BiyiThePlug stated that We will see technology play a huge role than ever before in the lifetime of human history. Here is what will happen in 10 years”



“There is no doubt – Content is ‘the king’ in the digital marketing space. Advertisers should move their concentration from product/solution-centric content strategy to customer-centric strategies. The content has to be educative rather than a sales pitch with cool graphics. Content Strategy will be a locus point of all the digital marketing efforts.” 



“Automation would be more effective in the way we interact with the target audience. The content strategy has to align with your automation strategy. Organizations will search for highly investigative personalities who can imagine such complex work processes to accomplish the ideal Goal transformations. Cold pitching, mass messages will turn into a relic of past times.”

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

“While marketers are attempting to get their grasp on automation, AI will open entryways for another level of opportunities. AI will uncover the blind spots of marketers and will bring in insights to make strategic decisions that can change the face of the marketing world. While technology is changing the digital marketing and helping the marketers draw near to understanding the shopper needs, marketers will have to continue adding to their skills to ‘Stay relevant.”

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release

Is GTA 6 on its way? While the following portion in the Grand Theft Auto establishment is yet to be officially reported by its designer Rockstar, that doesn’t stop those of us hungry for all the more attempting to make sense of it.

Since the majority of us have gallivanted through the beautiful universe of Red Dead Redemption 2 on support or PC and gamers are looking forward to the following open-world Rockstar game.

It’s been an entire a long time since GTA 5 propelled on comforts, which means a declaration could be up and coming, and the most recent news and bits of gossip recommend that GTA 6 could be on its way in the near future – likely arriving on the up and coming PS5 and Xbox Series X supports.

GTA 6 in 2020?

GTA 6 probably won’t be authentic, however it is positively unavoidable. Hell, the designer’s government form may well have prodded GTA 6 at any rate…  As indicated by Steven Ogg – otherwise known as Trevor from GTA 5 – the profoundly foreseen continuation is coming “soon”, clarifying that Rockstar’s “games take 7-8 years to make, crunch the numbers.”

What’s more, certain, this probably won’t be an inside and out affirmation of GTA 6’s presence, however you must let it out adds to the fervor, all things considered, All things considered, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been keeping Rockstar occupied, and with Red Dead online constantly being refreshed, that won’t change at any point in the near future. Taking everything into account, you may in for somewhat of a sit tight for the following round of activity in the realm of GTA. Indeed, with the dispatch of cutting edge consoles, for example, the PS5 and Xbox Series X set for the last part of 2020, we may well observe GTA 6 exploit the cutting edge tech.

Rockstar, in run of the mill style, stays tight-lipped about what we can anticipate from the profoundly foreseen RPG, yet there are a couple of bits of gossip flowing around on the web just as some especially energetic hypotheses from the GamesRadar group. It’s unquestionably going to be a serious long time before we hear anything about GTA 6 formally, so to satisfy your cravings meanwhile beneath you’ll discover all that we think about GTA 6, from what number of playable characters it may need to potential areas, on account of a supposed surge of data from an ongoing GTA 6 Project Americas spill. Get perusing!

gta 6
GTA 6 hole has a huge amount of new data that may be valid:
Take this data with a touch of salt, yet the most recent asserted GTA 6 break originates from Reddit. Client JackOLantern1982 transferred a terrific aggregate of 23 insights regarding Rockstar’s up and coming game. Just as affirming that it’s being developed, they state that its codename is Project Americas as the game will happen over numerous nations: in particular, Brazil in an anecdotal city dependent on Rio de Janeiro and Vice City in the US. Vigorously affected by Netflix’s Narcos (which is a remarkable arrangement about the roots of the cocaine exchange), you can discover the data from JackOLantern1982 beneath, altered for lucidity, alongside subtleties from a different potential break on Fireden.

  • It’s another Rockstar Worldwide Production.
  • Codename is PROJECT AMERICAS.
  • Set in both Vice City and another anecdotal area dependent on Rio de Janeiro.
  • Some straight missions occur in Liberty City, however is anything but an open world (think Ludendorff in GTA 5).
  • Game will adjust authenticity and arcade and it won’t be as sensible as Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • One playable hero: male, not female, in spite of assumed holes.
  • Set in 1970s-1980s.
  • You play as a cutting-edge sedate master wannabe named “Ricardo”. Another key character called “Kacey” is a piece of the account. You start off as a snort doing runs as a cocaine dealer from Vice City to the new huge South American territory before making associations with big time sedate rulers and advancing up. Different urban communities.
  • There will likewise be a mammoth jail which will have an impact in the game.
  • Will highlight a ‘section’ framework like a Tarantino flick or Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Climate is an overwhelming center (typhoons, floods, and so on).
  • Structures change over the times, vehicles as well. So more established, uncommon exemplary autos get progressively costly as time advances and so on. Full economy.
  • Intensely propelled by Netflix’s Narcos.
  • They need to have a unimaginable 70s/80s soundtrack.
  • A more youthful Martin Madrazo will show up as will his dad who is a major medication master at that point. You do a few missions for the Madrazo family including hits on different posses.
  • Medication domain building is a repairman like Vice City Stories however greater. Think the GTA Online framework and dial it up to 10.
  • You can just have weapons with the rest of your personal effects. No munititions stockpile in your back pocket, similar to Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Your own vehicle will resemble your pony saddle in Red Dead Redemption 2. All your hardware is put away in the storage compartment. You additionally store your body protective layer in the vehicle. On the off chance that you wear it, it shows up, no longer only an imperceptible thing.
  • There will be huge amounts of caption perusing. Think Max Payne 3 sums, extremely vivid, such as viewing a scene of Narcos. At whatever point you’re in South America, don’t hope to hear a lot of English. Bad habit City anyway is a blend of everything, except for the most part English.
  • Last piece of story information, it will talk about subjects, for example, HIV and the movement emergency of the time. An anecdotal rendition of Fidel Castro and so forth.
  • Cutting edge just, not PS4 or Xbox One [aka PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett].
  • GTA 6 is presently their essential center, nearby another title (which may be Bully 2).
  • Game is still in Pre-Alpha so names, areas, subtleties could and most likely will change.
  • No ETA on a discharge date.